Friday, December 31, 2010

Arriving in Uganda

Beautiful flowers, beautiful smiles, beautiful people….. that is what was waiting as we stepped off the plane in Entebbe, Uganda last night.  Our new friend Gloria and her children along with our driver Ceasar were waiting for us as the three of us very exhausted travelers got off the plane.  Immediately the exhaustion went away as I saw the smiles of my new friends.  Cindy, who is Gloria’s oldest daughter was on her knees welcoming me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the most adorable face anyone could possibly imagine.  I felt awkward at her being on her knees and a little embarrassed because I was being treated like royalty when in fact we all know different… I am just plain ole me and that is what gives me hope that I will possibly blend in to my new surroundings.  However not being able to hide my skin color or my red hair might pose as a challenge and might possibly get in the way of me pulling this blending thing off.
            Although our greeting from our new friends was warm and delightful what waited for us outside was indeed a wake up call that we were not in the United States any longer… As we approached our car and started to pull away the car would not move, you see our driver had parked in an unauthorized parking space and the police had put a boot on the car so we could not move it.  Not to worry though Ceasar being on top of the situation found the right police man to unlock the boot and get us on our way all for a low low price of about 10,000 shillings which is about $4.00 American. 
            It was dark and late, but there were people every where.  As we drove I could see what appeared to be small structures with very dim lights on. I later found out these were mostly stores that sold everything from meat to clothes.  I want to go back to that area and walk sometime but only in the daylight.
            After about an hour and half drive we finally made it to our apartment.  Since I had seen photos of the place I was not overly shocked at the size or the beauty of it.  However, I must admit that it feels very strange.  I had a hard time sleeping last night even though I was so very tired my mind just kept racing… mostly thinking about home and the people I left behind.  I was constantly trying to figure out what time it was back home. I would lay there and  imagine what every one was doing at that precise moment.  Wondering if they were thinking of me and wondering if I was indeed ok.  Rest assured I am ok. A little overwhelmed at the moment but OK. 
Sleep finally came, I guess because here I am the next morning feeling somewhat rested, but still a bit overwhelmed.  Today is my birthday… wow I am spending my birthday in Uganda, Africa, how cool is that?  Lets get this day started and see what awaits me. 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goodbye Kansas City

Tomorrow I leave KC with mixed emotions--sadness of leaving family and friends behind, but very anxious to meet six orphans who are waiting anxiously for our arrival. I take with me lots of love to share among the many people I will meet on my journey.

Stay posted for frequent updates, and stories of struggles about our ups and downs. I'll also publish lots of photos and videos.

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