Saturday, January 22, 2011


Entering Fort Portal I was very excited to see our six children that we are helping get an education and live life a little more comfortable than before.  Little did I know that there was one more child in the area that would touch my heart.   

Our car was in need of repair so while it was being fixed my family and I stayed in town at our friend Betty’s place of work.  As we sat in the lobby a small boy came in and approached the desk.  He had no shoes on his feet and it was obvious that he was poor.  As I sat and watched from a short distance I saw him writing on paper and handing it to the lady behind the desk.  She would then write and hand the paper back.  This went on for some time.  As I sat there I wanted to know what his story was so I moved closer and asked the women behind the desk to tell me his story.  She said he was almost deaf and he could not talk.  He was hungry.  I had her ask about his parents and he wrote that they both died and he is living with his sick grandmother.  His grandmother had sent him out to beg for food so he would not starve. 

Of course by now my heart was breaking.  I wanted to talk to him so I tapped him on the shoulder.  He looked at me with the biggest eyes I have ever seen, but these eyes were so full of hurt and pain.  These eyes I will never forget.   I can not imagine what this little boy had been through.  I told him I loved him by pointing to my heart.  I am sure he understood by the look on his face.  Yet this still did not change the fact that he was hungry.  I suddenly remembered  I had bought a snicker bar in Amsterdam on our way here that I had not eaten.  I took the snicker out of my purse and gave it to him.  Obviously he needed it worse than I did.  I also had almost a full bottle of soda that I had been sipping on that I gave him.  He seemed so happy.  He immediately opened the snicker bar and ate it very quickly.  It was a sight I will never forget.  I asked the women if she could find out his name so I could keep it forever in my memory.  His name is Turee.  I wish I would have taken Turee to the store to buy him and his grandmother groceries, but I was so overwhelmed by the moment that all I could do was cry.  However, I will be going back to Fort Portal and I hope that I will see Turee again.  I have asked our friend Betty to keep her eyes out for him. If Betty spots him I asked her  to let me know and I will send money for her to take him to the store.  Turee…. a name, a face, a boy I will never forget and I hope as you read this you too will not forget him. 

Remember, Turee is just one of many children who are hungry so I encourage all of you to do something to change the life of a child.  It doesn’t have to be anything big just a simple hug to let them know they are loved, but please do something…..

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